Tongariro National Park

1/640 sec | f/5.6 | ISO 64

This photo is kinda old, taken with my Olympus camera. The quality is not the best, but still good enough to show you, guys. I remember I was blown away by the view! The clouds look simply amazing!



6 thoughts on “Tongariro National Park

  1. First, I love the shot~! I lived in Waiouru as a kid and this is home turf … changed a lot since then, though (the landscape) (me too, I guess).

    Second—ye gods, are there any awards not being awarded? I think I’ll nominate you for nice-shots-of-Kiwiville-award; the only stipulation before you can add the letters NSKA to your name is that you keep on posting those lovely shots …

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      1. In Invercargill this morning I took a zillion duckling shots and got just a couple worth keeping, and a whole bunch of the poppies dancing in the wind. I got better poppy shots with zoom from across the road than I’ve been getting close up with macro, but that’s life … so if I post them, I hope you don’t think I’m plagiarising. 🙂

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